Standing up against Cancer

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My Story

My name is Marta Serrano García, I’m a Spaniard living in Nijmegen (The Netherlands) since 2010. I was a happy camper when my now wife finally moved to my place with her two cats right before the COVID outbreak; otherwise I would have spent the quarantine all alone… And then cancer came. It was May 2021.

“Cancer”, that disease I always thought I was immune from. Despite the bad news I even had to be thankful that I had discovered that little lump under my left armpit. By that time, I already had a 6 cm tumor in my left breast which, unfortunately enough, had been already growing unnoticed for some time. Now I regret I never took the self examinations seriously, but that is the way it is.

I started the treatment 3 weeks after the diagnosis. I endured chemotherapy for 7 months and had surgery in February 2022. My next milestone is the completion of radiotherapy, which will be followed by a new chemotherapy treatment.

My goal

Before me there is still a long and bumpy road toward recovery. As I start to feel stronger, I realise that I want this journey to have some positive impact in other people's lives. That is the reason I am determined to collect funds to investigate cancer.

All raised funds will help support the cancer research, which is still so much needed -particularly on rare cancers.


My fundraising challenges

In the coming months I will be collecting funds for the Dutch Cancer Society, KWF Kankerbestrijding, and the Spanish Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer. These two organisations play a crucial role helping cancer patients as well as financing research and implementing prevention programs in The Netherlands and Spain.

I will join charity sport events and share my experience on social media. This way I will try to collect as much as funds as possible. Please visit the Agenda section if you want to see which sport events I will be joining.

Would you like to donate and support the investigation against cancer? Please click on the icons below. Any help that you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your donation!

Are you interested in becoming my sponsor or collaborate with me. Then please contact me through this form. Thank you!



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